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Finally. I finished the first six butterfly hair forks.

Materials: black coated steel hair fork; decorative wings made of wire with irising polymer film (reinforced with two lauers of clear epoxy polymer). Labradorite and glass beads.

I listed them already in my Etsy shop... soo, go and grab them :D

p. s. MSTDN10

p. p. s. Boosts really really appreciated. Huge thanks!

#jewelry #handicraft #handicrafts #hairstick #craft #crafts #jewelry

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it feels like trying to ride a bicycle on a road that is also meant for cars but also meant for 18 wheelers but also meant for tanks but also meant for monster trucks but is also full of pedestrians and babies taking their first steps also airplanes are landing on this road and it is full of snakes

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Normal devs: Fixes their sites to work in Safari
Amazon: Fixes Safari to work on their sites
Me: Rewrites the frontend for such dominant sites to work in my browsers

Except I don't need to! Others already have.

So today my deep gratitude goes out to projects which proxies the entrenched silos stripping them of their nuisances. Which helps me damage-control the myriad of broken links to these sites.


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This is such an incredible example of using data for an entirely different purpose than intended


Infrastructure Club agent has launched GPSJam - a worldwide map of GPS interference derived from aircraft ADS-B transponder data ✈️📡🚫


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Hey @dansup I'm gonna run my own instance of pixelfed and I don't see a helm chart (kubernetes packaging). Would you want one contributed? I've had very bad interactions with other selfhosty things not wanting a helm chart contributed because they don't understand it and therefore don't want it in their repo. So this time I'm asking before being rejected outright.

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Just received an unsolicited email from a company in London doing and app with the opening line "Q3 is upon us {first_name}}", no hello, no " forgive this unsolicited mail". And my only question is "who QA'd this mailmerge?" Clearly not a company I want to do business with!

I was going to spend some time getting lost in my making this week in an airbnb but the whole plugin crap is getting totally in my way. The internet is patchy and half of the plugins won't work when copied because "oooh piracy bad, evil!" So I have to redownload the installers which won't retry downloads and just get stuck because of course they can't handle bad internet. It's rage inducing and I'm not trying to make angry music!

Do I or my wider network (boosts appreciated) know any who's slots are open? I need a robot strumming a guitar on a that I can use on my streams (hobby, not pro) and I'd rather find an here than somewhere like fiverr. I guess let's throw some more tags in for coverage : I dunno what to add, not my usual area.

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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Websites that split username and password fields onto two separate pages should be blown up. Extremely.

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Anyway no big deal but here's a demonstration of Mozilla's serverless. client-side-only live text translation technology.

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Historical moment:
First federated comment to a gitea instance from another instance:

We are 🤏 close to a fully federated ActivityPub based git platform. All we need is federated PRs and some level of control access to keep bots and trolls away from flooding the comments

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UK trans data&privacy 

I've seen some people getting worried about last week's change to privacy laws affecting #trans people in the UK, and also some misunderstandings of what's actually happening. This thread will explain what's going on and the implications for british trans people.

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