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boost this if no one has defeated you in honorable hand-to-hand combat in 2022 yet

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Fun juxtaposition : on the ferry, muted television on showing Desmond Tutu dancing, on the ferry PA system : Trash by Suede. Not what I expect him to have been dancing to.

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So lovely to see folks already signing the web0 manifesto!

I guess it’s time for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my mulled wine.

Cheers + Happy New Year! 🎈💕

I'm the latest person to sign the web0 manifesto - - it'll really annoy @aral if it starts getting so much traffic that he has to scale it (I hope he gets this joke!), but that's no reason not to sign it! Let's make 2020 the year we call out the bullshit and get back to sanity!

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The word "calque", meaning a word or phrase that's been brought into another language by word-by-word or morpheme-by-morpheme translation, is a loanword (from French).

The word "loanword" is a calque (of the German word Lehnwort).

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> NFT art combines the nuanced social awareness of computer programmers with the soulful whimsy of hedge fund managers

this is a great piece:
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Mastodon & Fediverse admins!

Be aware, there's a bot signing up for vast numbers of accounts on and the admin @stux has been trying their best to deal with it.

Stux has compiled a list of domains that are recommended for blocking, especially the root domains:

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon #Fediblock #Fediverse

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Nice video by

If only 100 people lived on earth..

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What's even the point of getting a PhD in the middle of a pandemic if you're *not* going to make a plague doctor mask and wander around campus wearing it along with your regalia?

Cheers to all of my fellow plague doctors from the class of 2021 or 2020!

As foretold by @cwebber ( )

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Avanti West Coast: want to not have covid? Please feel free to pay extra to sit in our unused "not quite first class" cabins. Otherwise, use one of the two sardine coaches where half of the people are not wearing masks, shouting at each other and coughing/sneezing. Can burn down already please?

This train is busier than I like but at least I'm sat next to someone who is wearing a mask, unlike a lot of people on it.

I arrived in London, popped into a tesco express and was instantly transported to . oh well, over for me, time for

About to sail from the Netherlands to the UK. Yeah I'm proud that it's taking me 2 days instead of just over two hours to fly from Berlin. Yeah it has been stressful, and yeah, things went wrong, but there's something really relaxing about knowing you're not just burning the planet up to go from a to b.

Some days you wake up intending to be a Jean and you go to bed realising you were a Jorts all day.

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Verizon Spyware

Verizon's just turned on something they call "Custom Experience", which is tracking everything you do over their connection.

So you want to go into your account, and you'll have to do this on the web because the mobile site just dumps you back to home page, and then Privacy Settings and disable every last switch in there.

Living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia is getting less and less comfortable every day


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