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hey is there anybody on the fediverse who lived in germany between like 1982-1984 and listened to NDR

or anyone who was active in the music scene there around that time

or even any radio DJ's from that era

because the world could use your help solving the mystery of the most mysterious song on the internet

basically, all you need to do is read the wikipedia article and listen to the song and hopefully you'll recognize it and remember who it is

boosts appreciated, you never know, fedi might be the place to crack this case!!! :boost_ok:

Interesting... mastodon doesn't give you a real way of getting back to a thread you participated in if you blocked the other party, even if you then unblock them, even if it was a thread that landed on your timeline via a boost from someone else. I guess I have to let that one die a death. Amusingly I can't reblock the person either because once you unblock them, all trace of the block is gone... Interesting. Not had cause to do this before 🙂

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some say an army of ships
is the fairest thing on the black earth
but i say it is

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How old were you when you realized that a county was originally an area governed by a count?

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suicide, online harassment 

We lost an amazing person in the emulation / retro gaming space last night.

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Selfie,eye contact. 

So today marks the first day of fullest immunity from covid for me, so I got a haircut after over a year. Here's the result.

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People tell you all the time,
Poems do not have to rhyme.
It's often better if they don't
And I'm determined this one won't.

Oh dear.

Never mind, I'll start again.
Busy, busy with my pen...cil.
I can do it if I try--
Easy, peasy, pudding and gherkins.

Writing verse is so much fun,
Cheering as the summer weather,
Makes you feel alert and bright,
'Specially when you get it more or
less the way you want it.

-- Wendy Cope

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Kennt ihr Onlineshops wo mensch Prideflags bestellen kann die von queeren Personen betieben werden?

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Mein Jobsuche-Profil.
Ich biete:
+ Linux-Admin-Kenntnisse auf Senior-Level (>20 Jahre Erfahrung)
+ Erfahrung in IT-Security (ehem. ISB)
+ selbständige Arbeitsweise und Hands-On-Mentalität

Ich bin nicht:
- jung, dynamisch, agil, überkommunikativ

Ich suche:
+ Job im o.g. Bereich. Gerne ein Betrieb mit Engagement im sozialen oder ökologischen Bereich.

Ich suche nicht:
- einen Job, der den neuesten Trends hinterher rennt und sicherheits-/datenschutztechnisch fragwürdige Tools nutzt

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“our customers are able to stitch historical anonymous data to 95% of their converted users–this is even in the last few weeks after all the Apple device and browser privacy updates.”

Fuck these people.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #PeopleFarming

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