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Yesterday, I was working phone support. I work for an #ISP. A man called in, he was 83 years old, with a problem. He just upgraded to #Windows 10 and his computer would no longer connect to the wireless network. He then asked me, "Young man, do you remember the good old days? When you could modify your computer any way you want? I think it must have been Windows 98. Nah, you are probably too young."

I said to him, "Oh I remember. That was back before every big company was - 1/3

Not happy with the fullness of this song today, but I finished making it just before midnight.

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So my song today developed a Paul Simon kinda vibe, which, well, I was listening to Edie Brickell this morning!

@minervissa as a dyslexic british-native (who no longer lives there) person who does code stuff this is particularly problematic for me. Code stuff is usually American, my spelling is terrible and I'd read over the difference anyway, but still when pointed out, my brain gets weird angry lol.

This track started out with the chord progression from "Autumn Leaves", and got gradually more "sting"y, I think... The prompt was "Leaves"

I actually streamed the process of making my song today (prompt was "Phone call"), so if you're interested in how I do it, there's a 3 hour VOD at (I'll move it somewhere more accessible soon)

Still a day behind on my posts, but the prompt for this one was "Escape" and became a very feeling track.

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Happy World Standards Day, a day where the entire world celebrates international standardization... well, the entire world except the US, which celebrates this on October 22nd 😂

(I wish I was kidding)

@saxnot it's really hard to judge because sometimes you need the stakeholders insight, but in my experience, that's less common than needing to present a unified response.

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I have a #business question (because I was recently criticized for it).

Of course one should read as most auxiliary data BEFORE the meeting (not the question).

BUT should I already have a pre-meeting with my team to then have a uniform opinion?
BECAUSE there are two ways:

a) we discuss and battle inside the "real" meeting, perhaps looking torn on technicalities / german "Zankhammel"

b) we discuss before the meeting, have a uniform opinion and then present that opinion in the "real" meeting

I don't really know what happened, but my post went all weird discordant vibes. Prompt was "Fresh Air"

@hugoeland who would have thought being pedantic would have a good outcome!?

@hugoeland it works well but only if you pronounce Unix system resource as user.

Still a day behind on posts, and will probably be that way until the weekend, oh well. This one is very all over the place - some influence of jack johnson, deep forest and general 80s stuff. MT32 on the synth, eh, it is what it is. Prompt is "Travelling"

Batman: The Long Halloween, part one 

@paul so long as it's a reverberating crow's voice! Yeah as a singer I love reverb but it's so often way overdone.

Batman: The Long Halloween, part one 

@paul Ree. verb. Rreeeee. Make voice sound better. Always. Lol.

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I've released version 2.0.0 of my RSS to ActivityPub converter! This now provides functionality I'd hacked in to - it requires OAuth 2.0 authorization for someone to create a new AP account for an RSS feed.

I used to run this service "in the open" but was overwhelmed by spammers. Now the admin of a Mastodon (or Pleroma or any federated server that is an OAuth 2 provider) can provide this converter as a service solely to members of their instance.

Second prompt of the day! I'm only one behind now. This one is "Decay", and picked up a vibe somewhere along the way.

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