@TQ aww thanks. Yeah just second guessing everything today. Some Wednesdays have big Monday energy.

@TQ oh thanks! the day I've had, in my head, it was a reflection of what someone thought of me and I got all worried! Glad it was simpler than my mind made it seem and that it was easy to sort!

@TQ I notice that some of the songs on the playlist are "samples" of the songs not the whole song. Is the bot going to toot the full versions? I can tell because mine is only a section and another song is also the exact same length, so I assume the same is true of others.

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And, if I may be so bold: if you enjoy a song, please go and let the artist know. Being an artist is not easy, and having the guts to share your work is tough for most of us.
And please use the hashtag #fedivision to share the love!

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I have decided to commit to a limit on the maximum number of instances or percentage of the Mastodon network that I will host on Masto.host.

You can read about it here: masto.host/the-25-percent-comm

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subtoot to complain that if you insist on making your entire gemini page preformatted text, i cant read it with the combination of phone and the 'accessible' font size i use #thevent

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Hello once again to musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Music has been written! Forms has been filled out! And deadlines have been reached!

A grand total of 36 songs participate in this #FediVision2022.

They can all be found in a playlist on the website, so you can go listen to them right now!

Voting starts tomorrow, thursday at 15:00 CEST (3PM CEST, 1PM UTC).
Further info on how voting works will be shared tomorrow.

Stay tuned and let the listening begin!

@aral gitea is somewhat lighter and IMO aimed more at individuals, but with features for larger userbases. I feel like a lot of gitlab's trickiness lies in it also being a cicd platform and IMO that is better handled by a separate system.

@jalefkowit and with the hardware you have. No more buying rpi4s when you have a working 3b in the drawer!

@trwnh @noelle Is that the cathedral that broke the sound barrier?

@jameschip I enjoy home automation like I enjoy 3d printing. It's unreliable and tricky to get working but when it does, it can be glorious and super cool. Avoid WiFi stuff and stick to local ZigBee and you don't get problems with long startup or cloud services vanishing. And yeah, always always always have the option of manual overrides.

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@scoots @noelle same here. I was confused for a moment, decided it couldn't be what it came out as in my head and looked it up.

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

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RT @TheDebbieMia@twitter.com

They found the cause of SIDS

Excuse me while I cry for all the parents, including lead researcher Dr Carmel Harrington, who lived with guilt. And cry happy tears for parents in the future who will have access to screening and prevention. 😭

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheDebbieMia/statu

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