Productive evening, successfully glitched an Xbox 360 and made my demos disc complete with label. Just an ordinary geeky evening lol

I may have designed a tee shirt that is both geeky and anti genderbinary. Incorporates a few flag colours (, and ) and in binary/hex says "fuck the gender binary" (but only if you can decode it, otherwise, looks like tech gobbledigook). folks might like it, feel free to pirate it!

Today's piece is supertramp-influenced scifi number with a classic twist at the end. This was a fun one, enjoy!

Today's piece took on a nice "Deep Forest" ambient vibe and went into a new-age giftshop for it's "Good Smells" of incense.

Yesterday's prompt was and that place is not full of good memories for me, so in the "geek survives school" vein... enjoy!

Yesterday's thing is more a concept piece than a song I think. Tim Burton-ish? It needs a LOT more work.

Missed another yesterday, and today's is rushed (scuffed might be a better term). Slow and raw. Prompt: Dawn

Today's prompt was "Forgiveness", and I wasn't sure it was going to get done before games with the family, but here it is

Not happy with the fullness of this song today, but I finished making it just before midnight.

So my song today developed a Paul Simon kinda vibe, which, well, I was listening to Edie Brickell this morning!

This track started out with the chord progression from "Autumn Leaves", and got gradually more "sting"y, I think... The prompt was "Leaves"

I actually streamed the process of making my song today (prompt was "Phone call"), so if you're interested in how I do it, there's a 3 hour VOD at (I'll move it somewhere more accessible soon)

Still a day behind on my posts, but the prompt for this one was "Escape" and became a very feeling track.

I don't really know what happened, but my post went all weird discordant vibes. Prompt was "Fresh Air"

Still a day behind on posts, and will probably be that way until the weekend, oh well. This one is very all over the place - some influence of jack johnson, deep forest and general 80s stuff. MT32 on the synth, eh, it is what it is. Prompt is "Travelling"

Second prompt of the day! I'm only one behind now. This one is "Decay", and picked up a vibe somewhere along the way.

So, quite a delayed submission (Sunday was a "nope" day and yesterday $dayjob drained me. I'll catch up though.) Prompt was "Gratitude" and kinda got a "country/rock" vibe.

Well yikes, my submission for today got a little "preachy". Not recommended for those who don't like religions being criticised. But hey, it's something!

If you like , you might like what I've done to yesterday's prompt of "Cleaning". Not that I am claiming to be anything like as talented as him. Catching up, there'll be another tonight.

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