Selfie,eye contact. 

So today marks the first day of fullest immunity from covid for me, so I got a haircut after over a year. Here's the result.

Last night I got my computer to sing me to sleep... I've been messing around with synth stuff and random signal generators. Here's a few minutes (actually loopable) of some of the things the computer came up with (with my guidance). I just put the sound on low and went to bed. Really nice IMO.

How is this even a thing? Molex connectors are not reversible! Are there knock-off PSUs out there with reversible "molex" connectors?!

We're doomed folks, Amazon has perfected time travel...

Selfie, eye contact, beard 

I never really do selfies because well, self image stuff... But this made me laugh. I haven't had a haircut since covid and it annoyed me enough to start tying it back. Today I shook it out and nearly fell over laughing because I look like a transporter accident gender swap of B'elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager.


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