Wonder if there's a page dedicated to sound memes in the film world. Wilhelm scream is a classic. But there are a handful of canned sounds (hollywood edge I think?) that I hear over and over again, even in very serious settings:

That one Eagle Screech.

The "Diddy Laugh".

Screaming child sample.

Shocked audience.

@paul Wikipedia's article on stock sound effects lists a couple: Wilhelm scream, Howie scream, Click Plink, WB's Slide string, Tarzan yell, Goofy holler, Universal telephone ring (Technology Connections did an episode about the "Obviously dubbed telephone ring"), Common loon calls and Castle thunder.

Accusonus blog lists a couple of these, as well as a couple recent ones.


@FiXato @paul and it's NOT a universal ring. The UK phone system has a distinctive two short rings then a gap, repeat, and yet so many films and TV shows use that "universal" ring for UK phones. That annoys the heck out of me.

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