i wonder how much of the german translations in Deep Rock Galactic are still the original ones i did and proofread. I'm pretty sure at least the localized ore names from me will have probably survived.

let's just say the game would be fucking horrible in german if i didn't make sure the other volunteers weren't gonna do the classic german translator thing of making everything super formal. like i am no expert by any means, but at least i fucking get how to localize things so it has the proper tone and is fun.

i absolutely despise most german volunteer translators, they absolutely do not understand the concept of appropriate tone and always wanna do like hyper accurate translations instead of localization. like who the fuck wants to play a casual game where everyone for some unknown reason uses formal language for you and everything feels super stiff.

@deletescape Tbh I feel like this is why people keep saying German is stiff and official and serious and stuff

Knowing a little bit of it, imo it really isn't if you actually use informal German like people would do in normal conversations

@SigmaOne honestly its really hard to write german that isnt too stiff, but also not too long and still understandable, but like i hate people who dont even wanna try


@deletescape @SigmaOne tip: get Berlin translators. Most of Germany considers Berlin Deutsche rude because it shuns the formal. As a non native, I love it because everyone is Du.

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