Angry, Risk, Selfishness, covid 

My grandmother is trying to make out that my convalescing mum (multiple heart attacks in the last month) and immunocompromised dad who has only had one covid jab are trying to control her by saying if she goes out with her friends, they will have to isolate. She's emotionally blackmailing my mum who is off work because of a fucking heart attack into saying it's okay. They live in an area with the Indian variant in high numbers 1/2


Angry, Risk, Selfishness, covid 

So to put it bluntly, the woman who sees my mum multiple times a week, sees fit to risk me never seeing my mum ever again because she wants to go to bingo and knitting circles. I am stuck for a month more in another country and haven't been able to see mum for 2 years, but her going to bingo is more fucking important!?

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