I just did something really stupid and purchased this music producer pack currently on humble bundle: humblebundle.com/software/musi

I briefly forgot what world I was in and assumed "standalone" meant there'd be wav files. lol. Nope. it's just a standalone app with no wav files to be found.

It would seem the samples are stored in their own special format, which lucky for me just seems to be a giant JSON file. Yup, the samples are stored in there as an array with text-based floating point representation. It's a terrible design, but hey at least they made it trivial to parse. Extracting these will be a future project. Hopefully I'll be able to salvage my purchase.


@paul it's so frustrating. So many of the things in the music world are still this way.

@martyn unfortunately very true. It can be a very frustrating industry to be in some times.

It's been 7 years since I last needed to use an iLok, but I'm still bitter about it.

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